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Dual Certification One Interview call Best Tutors Theory, practical and technical analysis Free account Australian Syllabus
The course is being conducted by a group of experts who have a world of knowledge in their field. There will be a minimum of 3 trainers handling the theory, practical and technical aspect of the subject. The trainers are highly qualified with a lot of diversity ranging from PHD in Blockchain to thirty five of experience in the technical field. Together they will create an atmosphere to achieve you the best knowledge.
Generally speaking, there are lot of free courses available in the market but if you want to access graded assignments or earn a Course Certificate, you will need to pay. There are not free lunch available and anybody who gives it will do it with an future motive. The choice is yours to choose as to what you want to achieve from this course
  • Unit 1. Blockchain fundamentals and internet of value (IOV)
  • Unit 2. Basics of cryptocurrency & cryptocurrency analysis
  • Unit 3. Cryptocurrency strategies and market psychology
  • Unit 4. Trade process and crypto exchanges
  • Unit 5. Legality & taxation rules in crypto market
  • Unit 6. Crypto scams
  • Unit 7. Fundamental and technical analysis in crypto currency

  • You can further visit the course section of the website for further information.

You can enroll through the registration form through the website. You can than make a payment through the payment gateway offered in the website.

In case if you need any further support on enrollment we are happy to assist you.

We currently do not have any branch in India and oversea

We have three courses to offer at this stage. We will be introducing new courses on a regular basis. Every course will offer a pathway in terms of learning or discount for the next course. As an example: Any student of the short courses deciding to enroll for the advance diploma course can avail a deduction in the course duration and price. Please contact out friendly student counselor for more details.

Students join our online courses for a variety of reasons and come from diverse backgrounds, professions, and age groups.

With online courses you can :
  • Advance your skill-set or begin a career change.
  • Take the next step in your formal education.
  • Ease the transition before entering a full-time academic program.
  • Enjoy learning a new topic.
  • Whatever the reason, our online courses are a flexible way of learning about Blockchain world without disrupting your daily life.
Courses are open to all students 18 years or older. If you are under 18 years old, please contact us (online@educhain.com) to discuss further.
Entry Requirement
  • 18 + Age
  • No prerequisite of technical knowledge
  • Preferred vocational experience in Project Management, Equity Market
  • Laptop/computer and access to internet connection to study in class and/or online
  • Professional Trader
  • Technical Research Analyst
  • Risk Manager
  • Product Manager
We do not have a refund policy for the course. You can however choose to attend the next batch of the same course on request in case you are unable to attend the current session.
We have recorded sessions that can be seen any time after the session ends. You can write to our teachers for any queries who will revert back to you within 24 hours. If you miss more than one class than you can cover it up in the next batch by informing us in advance about the same
We don’t have a provision for a repeat session unless in case of an emergency
You can register online or do it offline by filling a form and signing it. We can have the online form send to you in case you are unable to fill the same online
We do not have any financial assistance for the current course that we offer.
Part payment facility is not available for certification courses. Full fees payment needs to be done before beginning of the course.

As a part of our discount scheme we can offer you a 10% discount on fees.

So instead of 30k you need to pay us 27k for this course.

Or as per early bird offer or first 10 discount offer, we can give you this course for 25k instead of 30k — 5k discount.

The fees mentioned are exclusive of the taxes.
  • Completed Enrollment form
  • Birth certificate / 10th mark sheet
The course is for a total of 25 hours with 13 hours of theory sessions and 12 hours of technical training. It should be for duration of 1 month.

When you successfully complete an Online Course, you are eligible to receive a digital certificate of completion by DLT School Australia. We encourage you to review your instructor’s syllabus to understand the Certificate of Completion requirements for your course.

These requirements often include the following:
  • Active participation in the majority of discussion boards
  • Timely submission of all assignments
Online Courses are intended to deepen your knowledge of a particular field, but cannot be formally applied as credits to other institutions. These courses are built to enhance the skill set.
There are no exams conducted for the course. However there will be a combination of questions, case studies and/or class projects during the course which students have to answer and send back for evaluation. The completion certificate will only be given after all the assignments are rendered satisfactory.
The course demonstrates to future employers that you have current knowledge of block chain and crypto provided by a trusted and registered institution and an international institute. Including Online Courses on your resume, posting your Certificate of Completion to your online profiles such as LinkedIn, and staying connected with the people of similar interest or your classmates to network are powerful ways to continue leveraging your experience long after your course has ended.
Educhain is a registered training institute in India. However it is not a college, University or an affiliated body of the government and does not offer any bachelor’s degree. It conducts certified courses which can be used as a top up but cannot be applied as credits.
Educhain only has online courses and is not into any blended or class room courses.
DLT is a registered education institute in Australia. It had applied with ASQA for becoming a RTO ( Register Training Organization) in the near future. The registration is in WIP.
The certified courses are in-house courses with a joint association with DLT Australia. It follows the pattern of the Australian education standards in conducting the course. A dual certification will be issued on the completion of the course.
We do not provide any placement assistance. However we will offer you a minimum of one interview in the relevant field. However, it will be the ability and onus of the candidate to successfully clear the interview.
You can always coordinate with us for any queries regarding the course for the next 3 months after completing. We will further give you a discount of 50 % if you want to enroll for the same course and do a revision on it.

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